St Gregory's Cyber Mentors

The new ‘School Cyber Mentor Programme’ was introduced this week at St. Gregory’s. After a very careful application process, 30 pupils across year 5 and 6 were selected to become Cyber Mentor ambassadors for our school. They completed 2 days of in school training run by Mubina Asaria, project manager and Miss Walsh. They learnt many skills in how to develop e-safety across the whole school and how to stay safe online. They also developed skills in how to become e-safety ambassadors and peer-mentors, to support peers around issues relating to bullying, cyberbullying, e-safety and emotional wellbeing as part of a whole school approach to e-safety.

As well as identifying and addressing key online risks, training included role plays and techniques for managing typical scenarios to equip them with critical thinking skills for mentoring. They celebrated the end of their training with a presentation to Mr. Gristwood and receiving their official Cyber mentor badge and certificates of achievement.

These Cyber mentor ambassadors at St. Gregory’s will deliver a lunch time club on a Rota basis in a classroom (3EW) where children who are struggling with either Cyber, physical, emotional or verbal bullying can come into a safe environment and be mentored and supported. We will provide workshops, assemblies and advice to parents and children about being safe and overcoming bullying issues.

The children were impeccably well behaved throughout the two intensive days of training and we are very proud of them in becoming excellent leaders and role models in our school.
Congratulations to:
Claudia Boggian, Leyla Fontana, Klara Strange, Emily Stanuszek, Lily Wright, Lauren Lazarides, Bohdana Shaskok, Adam Rusek, Rose Williams, Eva Kenny, Rory Williamson, Kiara Ribeiro, Sofia Mastrostefano, Alexander Nowicki, Olivia Hardey, Anna Combatti, Amelia Karwowska, Freddie Pearce, Isabelle Taylor, Noah Zaccour, Rithika Robinson, Thomas Martin, Rory Whyte, Lara Bejian, Lili Sobiczewska, Catherine Gristwood, Ben Emmel, Patricia Sowinska, Oskar Zygmunt.


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