Recommended Websites for Children

Learning Online - some recommended websites for childrenBelow is a list of general educational websites for children of all ages. Click on the red title to get to the site you want.

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BBC Schools website

 lots of fun activities linked to what children learn in school.


 - for younger children

Woodlands Junior School

This school in Kent has a brilliant website with lots of activities to try out

Super Action Comic Maker


Picture Book Maker


ArtisanCam Activity Zone

A website to teach children all about citizenship.

History topics from the BBC 

You can learn about different History topics in a fun way.


You can get your own penguin for free and waddle around this virtual world for kids. It teaches you how to play safely in an internet community.


is an American site, it's like an online encyclopaedia.

Singup website 

Do you like singing?  Try the new songbank on the Singup website  - lots of lyrics you can sing along to, all sorts of songs.

Stop, Look, Listen, Live


Make your own Hedgehog and Learn about Road Safety with this website.

Dr Who comicmaker

Get creative and make your own comic strip with the Dr Who comicmaker (you'll need your parents' permission and the comics you make are moderated)

Adventure Rock

 is a virtual world from CBBC.  You will need to downlaod the program from the link above, but you must ask your mum, dad or guardian first!

Science Museum Launchpad's Launchball

Use your knowledge of science to play the game or design your own game.

Lego 'Creative Builder 

helps you build virtual 3D lego models

Creator City

You can build virtual cities with Creator City!

Cafod Kidzzone

Cafod for Kids website.  Information on Fair Trade.

Show Me

a range of interesting online activities from the UK's Museums and Galleries


Jewellery Designer -

learn how to make your own jewellery online!


R The Learning Zone

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