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Year 5 Trip to the Hindu Temple
Year 5 children thoroughly enjoyed their trip to the Hindu Temple in Wembley. While we were there, we learnt that Hindus also only believe in one god, but they believe that their one god can be represented in many ways. The priest the at the temple told us they had 42 different incarnations (statues) of their god in the temple space.

Year 5 Science Lessons
Royal Wedding Celebrations!
St. Gregory’s pupils enjoyed a right royal celebration lunch on Thursday! Harrisons served a lovely finger buffet menu complete with cake and ice-cream. Our Year 1 and 2 pupils were first in line to sample the fine food and toast the happy couple (to be) with a citrus flavoured glass of water!

Year 5 School Trip to Turner's House
Year 5 pupils travelled to Turner’s house to learn all about this famous British artist. Pupils were fascinated to find out that Turner lived through the industrial revolution and that the house was used as a factory during WW2 to make pilot goggles! In the afternoon they walked across to Orleans House Gallery where they had a chance to create a dry point print of their own sketch of the trees or house in Marble Hill Park.