School Meals (Harrisons Catering Services)

Meals are provided by Harrisons Catering Consortium and cooked on site at the school.

Harrisons aims to provide a healthy, tasty, well-balanced menu selection including vegetarian options.

Weekly menus are available to view (link to menu below).  Payment is made directly to Harrisons online via

Meals cost £2.35 per day per pupil and £11.75 per week per pupil.


School meal payment link. Please click link below:


Families on Income Support may be eligible for Free School Meals and need to make an application to Perceval House, Uxbridge Road, Ealing W2 2HL to receive these. Forms and further information may be sought from the school office.

If preferred children may bring a packed lunch to school. Children with packed lunches are not allowed to have sweets or chocolate in their lunch, nor bring cans or fizzy drinks to school.

We cannot accept responsibility for food lost, damaged or mislaid. However, a school meal will be provided and a charge made.

Harrison Catering’s payment policy is that Year 6 pupils are not permitted to accrue any debt. Where the account for a Year 6 pupil is in arrears by one day, Harrison’s contact parents/carers by text and email; should the account be in arrears for a second day, Harrison’s policy is not to provide lunch for that child. The same rule is applied to accounts for pupils in Years 3-5 that are in arrears by £23.00 or more. In both instances, our office staff will contact you to advise that alternative arrangements are needed (packed lunch or home lunch). Please ensure that your child's account is cleared at the end of each month.

Please Note:  It may be necessary on occasion due to unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions, supply issues or special events to vary the menu at short notice.

Harrison's dinners NEW PRICING from September 2019
St Gregory Summer 2021 Weekly Menu
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